Thoresby Hall is a stately home and country house located in Nottinghamshire, England.

Many visitors to the area wonder if it belongs to the National Trust, a charity organization that owns and manages many historic sites and properties in the United Kingdom.

However, Thoresby Hall is not part of the National Trust.

Warner Leisure Hotels

The property is actually privately owned by Warner Leisure Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels in the UK. The hall is part of the Thoresby Estate, which encompasses 1,000 acres of land, including a deer park, lake, gardens, and woodlands.

The estate has been in the hands of the Pierrepont family since the early 17th century, although it has changed ownership several times over the years.

While Thoresby Hall is not part of the National Trust, it is still a popular destination for visitors due to its historical significance and stunning architecture. The hall was originally built in the 16th century, but was extensively renovated in the 19th century to give it the Gothic Revival style that it has today.

The interior of the hall features ornate plasterwork, wood carvings, and stained glass windows, while the grounds are home to a variety of rare plant species and wildlife.

Visitors to Thoresby Hall can enjoy a range of activities, including guided tours of the hall and estate, walks through the gardens and woodlands, and outdoor pursuits such as archery and falconry.

There is also a spa and leisure center on site, as well as several restaurants and bars.

While Thoresby Hall may not be owned by the National Trust, it is still a valuable part of England’s cultural heritage.

Its stunning architecture and natural beauty make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, architecture, and nature.