Thoresby Hall has a long interesting history that dates back to the early 17th century. The question of who has lived there is a common one.

Until the late 1990s, many generations of the Pierrepont family lived at Thoresby Hall until it was sold by Lady Rozelle Raynes, the daughter of Countess Manvers, to Warner Leisure Hotels which still currently owns it.

We’ve written a more detailed history of Thoresby Hall on this site, but the story begins in 1633 with the purchase of Thoresby Lands by Robert Pierrepont, the first Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull. It wasn’t until 1670 when the first grand house was constructed by Robert’s son Henry, the 2nd Earl and also first Marquess of Dorchester.

In the 18th century, title passed to Evelyn Pierrepont, the 2nd Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull. Following a serious fire in 1746, the house was completely destroyed and remained derelict until some 20 years later when the renowned architect, John Carr, built a new house on the same site around 1770.

We know from historical records that, at the same time, Thoresby Park was landscaped for the first time by Humphry Repton, the last great English landscape designer of the 18th century. 

During the 19th century, John Carr’s house was demolished by Sydney Pierrepont, the 3rd Earl Manvers, to make way for the Victorian spectacle that still stands today. It was finally finished in 1871.

In the 20th century, Thoresby Hall was inherited by Gervas Pierrepont who was the 6th Earl Manvers. Unfortunately, the title became extinct when he died without an heir and the house remained with his wife Countess Manvers and their daughter Lady Rozelle Raynes.

It was Lady Rozelle Raynes who sold Thoresby Hall to Warner Leisure Group.,